How to Use Hair Straightener Cream? Step by Step Guideline

There is more than one way to straighten hair. The typical straightforward way of straightening would be to use a straightening iron. Then you also have other means such as hair pinning. There are also over the counter or home remedies as well that can get the job done. Such as hair straightening creams, they are a great solution for when you don’t want to use heat. Let’s start the journey to explorer How to Use Hair Straightener Cream

Difference Between Home Made Cream and Store Cream

The difference though in the store bought and the home remedy kinds though are the ingredients. Many of the over the counter hair straightening creams do contain chemicals. The homemade straightening creams typically are created from all natural products. If you create you know exactly what goes into it. They both do a good job at what they do, all you must do is decide which one is the best one for you.


The chemical straighteners can be very touchy. You must follow the instructions exactly as stated, otherwise you could cause serious damage to your hair. Such as hair loss, melting and more. Whereas, with homemade all natural you don’t have to worry about damage, because there are no chemicals in it that cause such a damaging reaction.

Choose The Right Cream for Your Hair

When it comes to using an over the counter straightening cream, you need to select one for your hair type. If you color or perm, make sure you get one that is formulated for that. Some also formulate their formulas on thickness, skin sensitivity and more. If you are not sure which is the best for you, if you have a hair stylist you regularly go to ask them. They usually have no problems pointing you in the right direction for the product for you.


Natural straightening creams are typically universal, but some work better for some than others. It is just a matter of trying a few out and finding out what works best for you. That way you know what one to use in the future. You could even switch up from time to time to time to treat your hair to something different.

How to Use Your Straightening Cream?

When it comes to how to use straightener cream, the instructions are pretty easy. So let’s go over the basic directions for how to use. This is a heat activated cream instructional.

  • Your hair should always be washed and towel dried before using any straightener cream. Make sure that any excess water in your hair has been squeezed out. You want your hair damp but you don’t want it dripping wet.
  • Now put a small amount of the straightener cream in the palm of your hand. Spread it out a little bit, if you are afraid you may not have enough don’t. You can always add more product to your palm as you go along. Now apply product to every section of your hair from the roots to the tips. Making sure that the product is spread around evenly. If it feels like you need more, then repeat again.
  • You can also use a brush to spread the product more evenly. Best to use a brush with bristles that are spread out a little more kind of like shampoo brush.
  • Next separate your hair into 4 different sections, such as two upper sections and two lower. If you have thicker longer hair you may want to do more sections.
  • It is always the best idea to start with the lowest sections first. Put a round brush under the bottom of the section of hair you are starting on and start to dry with blow dryer. While you are blow drying roll the brush towards the ends of the hair. Since this cream is heat activated, it will work as the heat warms it up. This step removes all the waves and frizz that you might not want.
  • Keep blow drying and brushing section of hair until dry. Then repeat what you just did on the rest of your hair until all sections are done.
  • Then use a finishing spray if you so choose to help keep things in place.

Again, the key is to find the cream that works best for your hair. Once you have done that it is easy as pie from there. If you are going to be using an all-natural method and not an over the counter heat activated. The instructions are slightly different because you won’t need to rely on heat. You also won’t have to worry about sectioning off the hair unless it makes it easier for applying.

Natural Straightening Cream Use Steps

When using all natural straightening creams, the basic use instructions are:

  • Again, make sure you start with clean damp hair. Towel dried not dripping wet hair.
  • Apply cream to hair from the roots to the tips of your hair, making sure you do your best to get all of it.
  • Some will cover head with a towel or cap next, but it’s not always necessary. It will also help keep you from getting anything on something else.
  • How long to leave in your hair can vary on cream used, but at least leave in hair for 30 mins.
  • Then wash out with a gentle shampooing, let air dry and style as usual.

There are some straightening creams that can be used with straightening irons. Just make sure that they are formulated for that use. If you do want to use a straightening brush do your hair a favor and give it and you an upgrade. See what new technology has to offer you in straighteners. Look into hair straightener brush reviews. Now straightening your hair can be as simple as brushing it! They do a great job on their own but there are some great products that can be used in conjunction with one.

Final Words

Now you won’t have to worry about leaving the house looking a wreck. You can look like you are ready for the red carpet with your beautiful hair. You are sure to strike up some envy as well with as beautiful as your hair will be.