Reviews of Bestope Hair Straightening Brush


Pink and sleek, this beautiful brush will have you looking great in no time! Having this straightening brush will cut your time getting your hair down to minutes. What is great about a straightening brush is you don’t need a bunch of preparation ahead of using it. It has a hair brush style, so you can brush and straighten at the same time. It is so much easier to do, where you needed two hands before you can do most with just one.


The Bestope hair straightening brush is a power horse, it will straighten and tame that mane into beautiful straight locks.

It has a design which is great for detangling what is tangled as well as straightening. Making is a great multi-purpose hair care tool everyone should have. This is great for when you are at home or on the go. This straightening brush also has the added power of an ionizer which is great for taming that frizz. For that extra pampering, it also massages your scalp while you use it. Which is something many will enjoy, time after time. Your hair will love you for it and over time it will show as well.


Features of This Bestope Hair Straightening Brush

Let’s see what all this fantastic straightening brush has to offer you. You will definitely be pleasantly pleased with the features packed into this straightening brush.

  • Anti-scald design to prevent accidental burns.
  • Anti-breakage, is designed to prevent damage to hair.
  • Temperature is automatically set at 365 F, if no temp is set by the user.
  • Stimulates the hair follicles, to promote healthy hair.
  • Dual voltage, making it great for traveling overseas.
  • Ceramic straighter, detangling brush and anion hair massager all in one.
  • Ionizer, to reduce frizz.
  • Adjustable temperature settings from 176F to 446F.
  • Auto temperature lock, it will lock in user selected temperature.
  • Auto shut off, straightener will shut off after an hour of no use.
  • Digital display, so you can easily see your settings.
  • Side located control buttons for easy access.
  • You can set brush on Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • 60-Day money back guarantee and a 18 month worry-free guarantee.

Things I Liked

I like that this straightener brush has adjustable temp settings. Since I have more than one person in my home, everyone can use it because the can set it on what they need. Since it is dual voltage you can use it worldwide. It can also be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your need. I love the fact that this also has the ionizer feature. Ionizers are great for keeping the frizz down, but they also wake up those lazy or over worked hair follicles.

Which helps contribute to healthier hair, while using in conjunction with the massage feature.


I am happy I can literally wash my hair, let it dry and do all the rest with this one item. I don’t have to pre-brush or comb. I can brush, straighten, shine, and massage all at once with just this straightening brush. Buttons are located on the side which I prefer, but if you are worried about accidentally hitting buttons you don’t have to. Once you set your temperature it is locked in. Sometimes I can be forgetful, especially when I am in a hurry and I forget to shut things off. With the Bestope hair straightening brush I don’t have to worry. It will shut off automatically after I haven’t used it for an hour.

Things I Didn’t Like

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like since this brush does an excellent job. The only thing I wish it had was a swivel power cord. Not really an issue though it is more of a convenience thing. It is not something I have to have, but would be nice to have added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Should you use this straightener brush with wet or dry hair?

A: It is suggested that this straightener only be used on dry hair.

Question : How long does it take to straighten hair?

A: It can vary between hair thickness, length and the amount of curl. For most though 20 minutes or under.

Question : Can you use 240V with this straightener?

A: Yes, you can this straightener does offer dual voltage.

Question : Should I use a conditioner after use?

A: If your hair tends to dry out after straightening you can apply an oil such as argon oil after straightening.

Question : How do you know when the brush is ready to use?

A: The brush does have an indicator light to let you know it is on and when it is ready to use.

Question : What type of plug does the straightener have?

A: The straightener has a US UL plug, so in order to use it overseas you will probably need an adaptor to fit the electrical outlets there.

Final Notes

Instead of the Bestope hair straightening brush being your typical 2 in 1 straightening brush, it is a 3 in 1 straightening brush. It detangles, straightens and massages. It makes sure to provide great evenly distributed heat with the use of ceramic. While detangling it will massage your scalp, which is great for bringing your hair follicles alive. Having happy healthy follicles is important in having healthy hair. This hair straightener also features ion technology, there are many ways it can be beneficial one of the noticeable ones is getting rid of that frizz nobody wants.

Best rule to follow is to have a clean head of hair when starting with no products in it. However, there may be an exception if you are planning on using a heat protectant in your hair. You just want to make sure though that it is made for using while using a hair straightener. You also want to make sure you pick the right heat setting for your hair style. If you don’t know that is fine this straightening brush will lock in at 365F if no temperature is selected. It is a great universal setting for almost every hair type.