How to Straighten Hair Without a Flat Iron?

traighten Hair Without a Flat Iron

Are you ready to put down that flat iron and look for another way of straightening your hair? Flat irons will get the job done, but most can cause damage over time because of uneven or high heat. Not to mention how easily it is to get burned when using. Since they are so long it is also hard to maneuver a flat iron at times as well. They were a great idea, but the design needed to be changed up. Well, you are in luck because someone did improve on it. Now you will know How to Straighten Hair Without a Flat Iron?

They advanced the flat iron to keep up with many other things that have advanced over the years. You are sure to love the changes. Seeing what it looks like now you wouldn’t believe that it is a straightener. Why? Because it looks just like your normal everyday hair brush. The only thing that may give it away is the cord that comes out of the end of it.

Hair Straightening Brush, Only Better!

That is right, now you have a hair straightening brush! Brush and straighten all in one step! What could be more awesome than that?! You will not be disappointed in what they have to offer and if you want to see the best ones on the market see hair straightener brush reviews. You are sure to find one that will fulfill your needs. They are so easy and quick to use you will be glad you got one.

For those times, you don’t want to use an iron, or just want to try something different you may be wondering what other options do you have. Well you still have a couple of other options at your disposal and those are manual straightening, chemical straightening, and all natural straightening methods. You just have to choose the one that works for you.


Manual straightening sounds like a bit barbaric, but if you can handle some hair tugging you will be fine. One of the manual methods is to do what some call pinning. This has been one chosen by many in history. It is pretty easy to do but might not be the most comfortable for many. This is one that is great to do the night before. You section your hair off on manageable sections. Pick the section you will be starting on first. Use one hand to pull the hair tight at the tips while combing in a downward direction with the other hand.

Once smoothed out, keep holding taunt and pin or clip the end of the section to another section of your head. You will do this with every section until all sections are secure. It is basically like training your hair. Then in the morning you just take down and style as usual. If your hair gets wet though it can return to its unwanted curly or frizzy state.

Chemical or Natural Straightening Creams

Next choices are your straightening creams you have a choice between chemical or natural. Chemical is what you will typically find over the counter at your local hair and beauty supply store. Some other stores may carry it as well such as your large chain stores. These do work well, but they do have chemicals in them that may not work for everyone. You can end up with an allergic reaction or the chemicals may be too much for your type of hair.


Chemical straighteners are easy to apply though and most need heat to set the acquired look. So you will need a hair dryer for heat activation. You typically apply the chemical straightener to damp hair, until all hair is covered. Then you section the hair into upper and lower sections. Then you will take each section and comb each one from root to tip while blowing drying it. Once dry move on to next section, and continue to do so until done.

Straightening with All Natural Methods

Now another great option worth trying is the all-natural methods. There are plenty of them floating around that actually produce pretty good results. Most will not only straighten but they will condition your hair as well. Making your hair look out of this world! Many people have used natural ingredients in their hair for many of years. There are some you can leave in your hair and others need to be rinsed out. The best thing about natural though is you don’t have to worry about any adverse reaction, unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients.


There are some that are applied with a spray bottle, some are more of a lotion/cream type, and others have a paste type consistency. Some you can store for future use and some are for single use only. Some are more beneficial if used regularly over time. There are some that are just quick temporary fixes, such as a brown sugar and water mix.

Not very nutritional but does work and leaves your hair smelling great. As well as with an awesome shine. You simply mix a cup of water to 2 TBLS of brown sugar, stir until dissolved, put in spray bottle. Apply to hair comb through and allow to dry.


None of the natural remedies that I have found have required heat. Which is great for those wanting to avoid using heat or don’t have a way to plug in to use heat straightening. The natural remedies are also great for the smaller ones that need frizz control or straightening. Since they are safe and not harmful to them. You can also add to some of the remedies if you like as well. Or you may be able to come up with your own mixture that works.


With the alternatives, I have mentioned you are sure to find one you love. You may even find a few that will be your KO punch treatment for your hair issues. You will finally have those lovely locks you have been wanting and easier with out as much worry. Your friends and family may even ask you who your hair stylist is. It will be your choice if you want to share your secret and tell them that it is you!