How to Straighten Hair with a Straightener Brush

Straighten Hair with a Straightener Brush

Either you have brought yourself up to speed with today’s hair technology by buying or you are thinking about buying one. Yes, I am talking about one of the best things to ever hit the hair care market. The straightening brush, a true advancement in haircare. Almost everyone is familiar with the flat iron, but this is so much better.

There are so many ways, why having a straightener brush? I will talk about that some more a little further down. I want to make sure that we go over how to use your great new hair straightening brush. There really isn’t anything technical or hard to figure out features, but knowing the basic steps on how to use the better the results you will get.

How to Use Your Straightening Brush?

You are probably looking at your straightening brush and thinking this is going to be pretty easy to use. You are right it is pretty easy to use, it doesn’t take nearly as long as using a flat iron either. Using a straightener brush requires less steps as well.How_to_Straighten_Hair_with_a_Straightener_Brush

One of the reasons is quite obvious, it’s brush design. So, you can literally wash your hair dry then go right into brushing and straightening at the same time. Let’s go over the basic instructions of a straightening brush.

  • Always make sure you are starting with clean hair. You don’t want any built-up oils or additives in your hair unless they are suggested for use during straightening.
  • Plug in your straightening brush into an approved outlet, if it allows you to set temperature set allow temperature.
  • Let the straightening brush heat until it reaches desired temp. Most brushes have some kind of indication light to let you know it is ready.
  • While waiting for your straightener brush to heat up, it is a great time to section off your hair. While not required you will get a better result, especially if you have thicker or curlier hair. Separate hair into upper sections and lower sections.
  • Once your brush has reached wanted temperature you are ready to start. You will want to start with the lower sections of hair first. So, you will take the first lower section of hair and will brush it from the roots to the tip. Just like if you were just using a regular hair brush.
  • Then continue to do that with the rest of the lower sections.
  • Once all the lower sections of hair have been take care of, repeat all the steps on all the upper sections of your hair as well.
  • Once you have completed all your sections of hair you can apply your choice of finishing spray if you choose.
  • Unplug your brush and let it cool.
  • Once brush is cool, then you can store.

See so using your brush is really easy. There are some tips and tricks that you will learn along the way. If you have dry hair or you are worried about heat damage you can use a heat protector product on your hair as well. Just make sure it is approved for use with straighteners. Brush straighteners are much safer than older style straighteners, so the risk of hair damage is lower. Yet it never hurts to take the extra steps when you can.

Safety in Mind

When it comes to most of the straightening brushes the manufacturers have made strides in the safety department. Things in the past have showed them in many areas where straighteners can be improved. Brushes have curved brush heads, making it harder to come in contact with the plates. While the bristles get warm the tips never get hot enough to burn, preventing scalp burns.

Many also come with temperature lock, which is where you can set the temp and the straightening brush will lock in that temperature. That way there cannot be any accidental temperature changes. Which is great when worrying about setting temperature too high.

Another great safety feature is the auto-shut off feature. No worrying about if you shut off the straightening brush long after you have left home. If you didn’t the straightening brush will shut itself off if not used after a set amount of time.

Most also come with a swivel cord now, making much more easy to maneuver the brush around during use. It also helps prevent kinks in the cord as well which could lead to cord damage.

Extra Enjoyable Features

Some straightening brushes come with added extra features that you may enjoy. They are not things you necessarily need but they can be nice touch and a great treat for your hair. One of the things they come with is the ionic feature. Some come with a single and some come with a double ion generator. The ionic feature is supposed to awaken your hair, smooth it and helps the brush work more efficiently by heating the hair from the inside out.

Then you also have the massage feature, it is not a motorized massage. It is specially designed bristles and bristle tips that will give your scalp that attention that it needs and is usually neglected by other haircare tools.

Most also come with an easy to see digital display, so you can clearly see what your brushes settings are on. What they display can vary between brushes.

Final Words on How to Straighten Hair with a Straightener Brush

If you haven’t bought your straightening brush yet and you are wondering how to find the best straightening brushes out there. It is simpler than you think all you have to do is take a look at hair straightener brush reviews. There are some great selections, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs. You are sure to find the best hair straightener brush you can trust there.

Now that you know how to straighten hair with straightener brush, you are sure have that movie star hair you have always wanted in a lot less time than ever before. Which is something almost everyone can appreciate in today’s time crunching days.