How to Keep Curly Hair Straight ?

Keep Curly Hair Straight

Most people with curly hair love their curly hair. However, it can be a love and hate relationship. Some days you can have perfect curls and others you have a frizzy mess that looks like you were zapped by a lightning bolt. So, those days sometimes the best thing that can be done is to tame that beast down. Always, knocking in mind that how to keep curly hair straight. So, that is where a hair straightener brush comes in handy.


Yet due to size they can be cumbersome to hold with both hands. Hard to avoid burns especially at weird angles. Many have at one time or another experienced a scalp or hand burn or two. Since it does its job well though many people still rely on it. I have a better solution for you though, it will bring you into the future of straighteners. You need to find out what a straightening brush has to offer you.

Benefits of a Hair Straightening Brush


When I first acquired one I wasn’t quite sure it was up to par to handle the job. I was amazed at the results! It was also so easy and so quick it was almost unbelievable. The best part is, it takes on a hair brush design. So, you can hold it with one hand instead of having to use two, like you would with a flat iron. I don’t even have to comb it out first because I can come and straighten at the same time!


The brush design is great because the bristle tips help protects against burns to the scalp. They come in different sizes, which is great because if you want to travel a smaller one may be the better choice. All that I have seen or used also had a rotating power cord. Which is also a great feature because you don’t have to worry about untangling the cord or getting tangled up in it. Some also come with a temperature lock to lock in your needed temperature.


That way you don’t have to worry about bumping buttons and changing settings. If you are one that is also worried about forgetting to turn off items. Look for one that has the auto shut off, most of them do come with it. So, if you or someone else forgets to unplug it or shut it off, it will shut itself off typically within an hour of no use. They come with many features, so you can pick the one that has the features you want or need.

They are a great improvement you will be glad to have. If you want to see which ones are the best check out hair straightener brush reviews. There are some really great choices to choose from. So, go ahead and choose yours.

Straightening Cream Differences

There are some other things as well that you can utilize to tame those locks as well. Such as straightening creams. They tend to work good and are great for when you need a quick fix or that extra little boost when using an iron. There are different kinds for different types of hair. Some have to be used with heat and there are others that can simply be combed through and allowed to just air dry. So again, choosing should be based on what your needs are.


Just make sure that if you choose to use a chemical straightener that you follow the directions it came with. Not following them could give you a worse hairdo then what you started with. If you don’t want to use chemicals there are plenty of all natural straightening remedies, you could try as well when it comes to straightening creams. You may be pleasantly surprised you may have what you need at home.

Using a mix of vinegar and water as a rinse after shampooing in the shower is one great method. Not only will your hair shine like crazy, but it will tame those locks. You can also use a mix of banana and papaya mash as well, apply to hair leave sit for about an hour then do a gentle shampoo to rinse out.

Egg is another one that has been used and most people have heard about. Just remember when rinsing egg out of your hair don’t have the water too hot. The hot water will cook the egg and you will have cooked egg intertwined with your hair. It is not fun to get out either, I know this from personal experience. I am one that loves my showers and baths as hot as I can stand them.

If you have treated hair or really dry hair the natural straighteners are also a great for helping to repair or deep condition your hair as well. So, you can use them in between heat straightener uses as well. Some can be sprayed on, brushed on and massaged in. You can easily find many of the different instructions for homemade hair straightener online. To be on the safer side never use an ingredient you have never heard of, if you want to know more about an ingredient look into it.

Manual Straightening Techniques

You can manually straighten your hair but this can take plenty of time and patience. It also does take tugging and or pulling on your hair. Not enough to pull it out of course, but enough muscle to pull straight while combing and drying at the same time. Which is great if you have the coordination for it. Wash and dry hair then hold sections of hair by the tip taunt while combing from root to tip. While somehow managing to also have heat on it. Continue doing until all hair has been done, this one tends to work the best on slightly wavy hair and not super curly thick hair. Finish off with your finishing spray of choice to lock in style created. Hopefully my insight has helped you find ways on how to keep curly hair straight.