Reviews of Femjolie Hair Straightening Brush

Reviews of Femjolie Hair Straightening Brush

Beauty and function is all rolled into one with this femjolie hair straightening brush. You can finally have that movie star hair that you see on the big screen. Best part is you can do it all yourself in just a matter of minutes. This straighter does everything a flat iron does just faster and better. It looks like a hair brush and works like one as well! It is just as easy as brushing your hair from root to tip.


You don’t have to pay high salon prices anymore for the same quality straightening.

You just simply have to plug this straightening brush, set your desired temperature and in less than a minute you are ready to straighten. You can easily see what your settings are on the nice and bright LCD screen. Best of all if you forget to shut off while you are doing other things, it will shut off with no use in an hour. So, you can worry less about possibly leaving it on after you head out.

Features of This Femjolie Hair Straightening Brush

Since I have only touched base on a few of the features this straightening brush offers, I want you to know the rest as well. So, you can see why this is the brush that you need to add to your hair care collection.

Femjolie hair straightner

  • Ceramic plates, for even and faster heating
  • Auto shut-off for times you may forget to shut off
  • Anti-static and anti-frizz benefits
  • LCD digital display, to easily see your heat setting
  • No-grip comfort handle, making it easier to handle during use
  • 360 Degree swivel power cord, for easy maneuverability and less chance of tangles
  • Ion generator, for frizz control and hair health
  • Silicone heat proof tips that heat at 160F
  • Scalp massaging bristles for that extra hair awakening experience
  • Adjustable temperature settings, so there is a setting for every hair type
  • Temperature range from 175F to 450F
  • 3 in 1 Hair tool straightener, detangling brush, and anion massager all in one
  • Dual voltage, making it great for worldwide use
  • 60-Day no questions asked guarantee

Things I Liked

I love the ease of use when it comes to using this straightening brush. The femjolie straightening brush is so much easier to use than a typical flat iron. Styling time is cut down to nearly half since it can do so many things all in one step. It truly is as easy as using a regular hair brush. This is great because all I have to do is plug in and set the temp to what I need, then in no time I just have to start brushing away. Within about 20 mins my hair is done and I am ready to go!


This one does utilize ceramic, which is another factor I like. I enjoy how ceramic gives an even heat compared to some metal that can have hot spots. You can also add a little bit of flair to your hair, some have used their brushes to add just a little curl to the ends of their hair. The massage factor of the bristles are great, especially when you are trying to add a little bit of lift to your hair.

The LCD screen is easy enough to see, even with glasses off for some. I don’t have to worry about it having my setting or not because it has an adjustable heat setting. Also this is a straightener that you can use every day without the worries of damage like with other brushes.

Things I Didn’t Like

I thought it was kind of strange that this brush says it has a no grip handle. When really it should have a no slip grip handle. It is not so much a negative as it is a miswording. Since it is nice the handle has some grip to it. It is a little on the bigger side for size so might be a little bulky for some. However, it still won’t make much of a difference since you will only be handling for such a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you dry your hair and straighten it with this straightener brush?

A: This straightener brush is for straightening, it cannot dry your hair. It is recommended that you only use on clean dry hair from the start.

Q: Are there any products safe to use while using this straightener brush?

A: The only products that should be used with this straightener are products that are recommended for straighteners such as heat protectants. However, again they need to be formulated for use with straighteners.

Q. Do the results last if my hair gets wet or damp?

A. The results will not last if hair gets wet, straightening brushes and irons are only a temporary fix not a long time straightening solution.

Q: Is there any prepping needed before using on hair?

A: If you have very thick or very curly hair, it is recommended that you section hair off and straighten in sections. Only because it will assure that every strand will get contact with the bristles much better. If you have really dry hair to begin with or very coarse such as African decent, you could use some argon oil as well.

Final Notes

The femjolie hair straightening brush is an all-around great straightening brush. Everything you need it has. It will work on the thinnest of hair or the thickest and give you the same beautiful result. This straightener brush is so easy to use that just about anyone can use it with ease. It is a great product that would also make a great gift for anyone. Keep some money in your pocket by straightening your hair yourself.

Its dual voltage and carry bag make it a great candidate for travel as well. So no matter where you go with it you will always look your best. It is lightweight and looks great, many who have never seen one will just think it is a hair brush. If you are looking for the brush to get the job done it is the one for you!