Reviews of AsaVea Electric Hair Straightener Brush

AsaVea Electric Hair Straightener Brush

This pretty in pink straightening brush by AsaVea is to die for. You will never have a bad hair day adding this one to your haircare arsenal. It will be hard to find another to beat this electric hair straightener brush on the market. It has the features you will love to have as well as the looks that will steal your heart. With the easy to see digital display you will always know what your temperature is. The universal voltage will assure you can take it anywhere you can plug it in.


You can focus on your hair now instead of on your iron. Since this brush comes with all the safety features you love to see. It has a 360-degree rotating power cord, anti-scalding, temp lock and auto shut-off. This brush is great for anyone as well since you can adjust the heat for different hair types. If you forget to shut off or unplug, it will shut itself off.


Features of This Electric Hair Straightener Brush

This straightening brush as some great features to offer you. They have made sure to make safety a top priority.

  • Automatic shut-off, so if you forget to shut it off it will shut itself off.
  • Automatic temperature lock, no worries about accidently changing your temperature.
  • Indicator light, lets you know when your straightening brush is heated up and ready to use.
  • Digital display, so you can easily see what your settings are at.
  • Swivel cord, so there is less chance of tangling and makes it easier to maneuver when using.
  • Multiple heat settings, making it great for any hair type.
  • Ceramic heating elements, helps disperse heat evenly and helps add shine to the hair as well.
  • DuPont plastic is used for the plastic parts, making it durable.
  • CE, FCC and ETL certified.
  • Brush has no bristle tips, so no hair can catch and no worries about tips coming off.
  • Adjustable temperature settings 330F – 450F.
  • 3 Button function design.
  • Easy cleaning, wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time.
  • 180-Day warranty, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Things I Liked

There are many things I liked about this electric hair straightener brush. The biggest one for me is the automatic shut off. While I am usually pretty good at remembering to shut things off. There have been a few times I haven’t. Most of us have been then, we are in a hurry to get out the door we leave only to wonder if we remembered. Well no worries with this straightening brush, if it is not used for an hour it will shut itself off.


I like that this brush utilizes ceramic since ceramic gives such a great smooth finish, it also doesn’t overheat as easy either. Every inch of this brush is beautiful, it’s light pink pearlized color is perfect. The size is pretty close to the same size as a standard brush. Making it easy to hold onto during use. It has a row of bristles that extend past the plate part, which also acts as a safety barrier. The edges are rounded as well making it difficult to get an edge burn. Due to the design it is also hard to burn your scalp since the bristles put a barrier between the hot plate and your scalp


It is also great that this comes with a storage bag. Which makes it even easier for it to take with when traveling. It is also duel voltage, so you can virtually use it anywhere you can plug in. You may have to purchase a plug adaptor though if not an US plug. It also comes in a very attractive box which is great if giving as a gift. It is also great though for storing as well if you so choose.


Things I Didn’t Like

There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like. There are some things that you will have to watch while using. There are three buttons for changing temp and etc. So, you do have to watch for those when using. Once the temp lock kicks in then there are no worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this straightener work well on hair that is above the shoulders?

A: This straightening brush will do well with any length of hair that is long enough for the bristles to go through.

Q: Will this work on really thick wavy/curly hair?

A: This straightener has a heat setting for every hair type. With thick and or wavy/curly hair a higher setting is recommended. As well as sectioning hair into smaller section for straightening.

Q: What is the highest temperature on this straightener brush?

A: The highest temperature on this straightening brush is 450 degrees.

Q: Can I use any hair products with this straightener?

A: No products are recommended to use with it unless it is a hair protectant that is formulated for use with a heated straightener.

Final Notes

Whether you are looking to move up from the well-known straight iron, or you are just looking for a replacement for one you have. This is a great electric hair straightener brush all around. It is simple to use and can be used with a variety of hair types. If you are new to straighteners and don’t know what temperature you need, always start low. If you don’t get the results you are looking for, increase temperature until you find one that achieves the results you are looking for. It is always a good choice to start out lower and work your way up. Starting too high can damage your hair if it is too hot for your hair type.

Even though this has plenty of safety features to keep you and your hair safe. Follow all safety precautions that are laid out in the instructional booklet. If you have access to a heat resistant glove it is a great idea to utilize it for that extra step of protection. Always make sure your hair is also clean and free of product when you decide to straighten your hair. It allows the brush to work better and avoids buildup on the brush.