Can You Straighten Wet Hair? Covered Every Possible Way

Straighten Wet Hair

When it comes to straightening hair, there has always been a long-standing debate. Some say you can only straighten when dry, others say you can straighten with wet. Well, actually neither side is wrong. It is best in most cases to straighten your hair when dry. You can however straighten while your hair is damp, not saturated. So a towel dry should be sufficient enough, without over drying it or allowing it to be too wet.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to straighten with damp hair. You do need to make sure that the method of straightening you want to use though allows for use on damp hair. It can vary between methods and tools. If using heat tools expect some steam as well, during use. Some forget that and get worried that something is wrong.

Methods That Call for Damp Hair

One product that allows you to have damp hair when straightening is a straightening brush. If you haven’t seen one yet, you surely need to see what you are missing. It is the flat iron brought into the future, is the best way to describe it. Want to know what they look like? Just check out the best hair straightener brush. You will surely fall in love.

There are also some straightening creams that allow for damp hair, you just can’t have any other products in your hair that may inhibit absorption of the straightening cream. Some of the straightening creams, especially the heat activated allow for damp hair since it has to be blow dried anyways.

Most of the natural homemade straightening creams allow for damp hair as well. Most products especially purchased at a store will tell you whether it requires damp or dry hair. So make sure to read the bottle if you are interested on using on damp hair even occasionally.


May Take Longer to Set

If you are intending on using a straightening iron on your hair or a straightening brush. Be aware that it may take just slightly longer for your hair to set. Since you are basically steaming the moisture out of your hair and your hair won’t set until the extra moisture is out of your hair.

It is also a good idea to use a protecting product as well in your hair. When using on wet hair temps get hot quicker inside of damp hair. So, using a protectant can help protect your hair from over drying.

It is recommended that your hair is damp as well with hair pinning method. Hence, why most do it at night so it can dry while you sleep. It is easier to manipulate the hair into doing what you want it to when wet when using a manual straightening method.

Easier to Manage Wet

Why would someone want to straighten hair when it’s wet? Well for some, especially with extremely curly or thick hair it is easier to manage. It is easier to handle and do things with it wet. When it is dry, it can tangle easier and is frizzier. It also makes it easier to tend to the other strands without having other out of control hair in the way. Giving you enough time to finish the straightening process.

Water can be your enemy though in some cases. Some of the straightening methods are only temporary so once the hair dries if you let get wet again, those curls and frizz will come back again. There are some methods that handle a lot but you must make sure you pick a longer lasting solution.

Does It Have to Be Wet

Maybe you have never straightened before but you have gotten some advice. Someone might have told you that your hair has to be wet in order for the straightener to work. No, your hair does not have to be wet in order to straighten. You can straighten your hair wet or dry, just make sure the method you want to use matches your hairs wet or dry state.

The biggest thing that is recommended when it comes to straightening, is that your hair is clean and free of other products unless straightening method allows for other products. This is especially important with chemical straighteners. Since the chemicals in the straightener can react negatively with other products.

How Wet Should It Be

If the method, you are using for straightening allows for your hair to be wet. The amount of wetness allowed is probably not what you are thinking. In most cases, they mean damp, it should feel wet but you shouldn’t be able to squeeze any water out of it. There are reasons why they don’t suggest it be too wet.

If too wet and using a straightening iron, it would take a long time for it to set. Even though there are many safety features in place with an iron it puts you at risk for an electrical shock. Should there be any unknown damage to the iron anywhere? Water dripping from your hair could cause a reaction that you really don’t want.

If your hair is barely damp, it keeps it under control long enough to straighten. It also makes it easier to spread the product through all of your hair.

Where to Find Products for Wet Hair

You want to know where to get products you know will work with damp hair. Such as the straightening brush? If you want to check out the latest in straightening brushes all you have to do is check out best hair straightener brush reviews. The top ones are there with all the features and things you could ask for.

As far as other methods such as straightening creams, the best place to check first is with your hairdresser. Otherwise head over to your nearest beauty supply store that carries hair products. They would be the next best people to ask about hair care products. Now that you your question can you straighten wet hair has been answered.