Best Way to Straighten Hair

Best Way to Straighten Hair

When it comes to straightening hair, there are many ways people will say is the best way. What it boils down to is what is the Best Way to Straighten Hair for you. You have a few choices when it comes to straightening. You can use the straightforward route of using an iron, straightening cream, or hands on methods like hair pulling/stretching.

The typical iron that is typically used, uses long metal plates that heat up. They grip the hair on each side of the section of hair and as you pull down the hot plates are flattening the hair. They do their job well, but you do have to typically use two hands. You really must be paying attention when holding as well to prevent burns to hands and scalp. Some can be temp adjusted but they still can burn your hair.


The great thing is though if you do like to use an iron, there is a way alternative now. It is a hair straightening brush! It looks just like a hair brush but has the features of a straightening iron. You can straighten and smooth your hair while brushing it! They are loaded with features as well to protect from burns, accidental temperature changes and more. They are well worth a look and all you have to do is look at the best hair straightener brush reviews.

Which Cream Is the Best Cream

When it comes to using a straightening cream there are really two types. One is the straightening cream you can buy at a beauty supply place or other stores that carry haircare supplies. Most of the straightening creams bought in store are chemical straighteners. You may find a couple that are not, but in most cases they have some kind of chemical in them. If you are not against chemicals or are not allergic to them they are a great choice and get the job done.

If you love the idea of using a cream but you are sensitive to most chemical straightening creams. You could try a homemade straightening cream. There are many different recipes out there for homemade straightening creams. Most of the homemade straightening creams don’t require heat either. They are healthier for your hair and for you as a whole.
Best of all most of the ingredients needed for the natural homemade straighteners, most of us already have in our homes. What you don’t have can easily be purchased right at the grocery store. Which is great because you know what is going into your cream because you are making it.

Straightening Manually

Another way some still use is what I like to call manually straightening. It is methods used for many years by women everywhere. As well as some men for sure as well. These are techniques that may require a little uncomfortableness from time to time. One of the methods used is a hair pinning/pulling combination. Which is while the hair is still damp, you section it off. Then each section you pull while combing out straight. Then you pin the end with tips to another part of your head keeping it taunt.


You continue doing that until all the sections have been pinned down. You can choose to use a no heat straightening crème here if you want, but it is not required. Most do this method before bed and let down hair in the morning. So, if you are doing it at bed time a straightener crème may want to be avoided since some need to be rinsed out within 30 mins to an hour. Especially if it is a chemically laden straightener. Most natural ones you could probably keep in all night but you may want to wear a cap.

There is also a roller method as well that some also use. I know you think roller you think curls. They can be used to straighten though. The large rollers are the best to get the job done. This method is great for any hair length except for super short. This one is great for doing right before bed as well. If you want to do any other time you can speed the process up with a blow dryer as well. Either way works well to get the job done.

Switching Up Techniques


Some will switch between two types such as a straightening tool and when they want to give their hair a break will opt for other methods such as a straightening cream. The only straightening iron that can be used daily is a straightening brush.

The straightening brush is probably the best product to achieve all the things you are looking for since it can perform the job of 2 to 3 different hair styling tools.

You don’t have to do a lot of prepping beforehand either. You just have to make sure your hair is clean and dry. Some can be used on damp hair, but the best results are on dry hair. You don’t have to comb through the hair first because the brush does that as well. You are brushing and straightening at the same time. Straightening brushes are great for households with multiple users as well. Since most of them have adjustable heat. So, that way each person can set the heat at what they need.


If you are a time cruncher, the straightening brush is a great option. It can cut your straightening time up to half that of other older styled straightening irons. Since heat up time is reduced, steps to use are reduced and need for hair preparation is nil to none. You can seriously, brush through your hair and be done in no time. Since you use them like you do a brush, they are great for those who like to multi-task while getting ready as well.

No worse hair days in your future with one, you can always leave home looking well put together. Most of your straightener brushes are great for traveling, which is great as well because they are ready to go when you are.